Validated Learning Board (VLB)

What is a Validated Learning Board (VLB)?

The Validated Learning Board (VLB) gives a clear overview of what is in which step of the learning loop. The VLB consists of six columns, with each column representing a step (sketching, building, delivering, using and learning). Finally, there is a final column ‘Done’ or ‘Learned’. In each column these activities are visualized that relate to the items in that specific phase of the learning loop.

Example of a VLB

Validated Learning

Why a VLB?

It can be concluded that the VLB is a powerful tool to improve the learning ability of the teams. It supports the daily focus of actual learning. The strength lies in the fact that the teams work with it daily and visualize their work and also use the tool to continuously learn and improve together with stakeholders and customers.

The agile leader has the following tasks:

  • Indicate the importance of actual learning.
  • Going to the team on a regular basis and asking questions about the progress of learning from users.
  • Ensure that the lessons learned are repeated and told on to other teams.
  • Ensure that obstacles to the learning speed are removed.
  • Ensure that the right stakeholders and customers keep time to be present at the review events.
  • Support product managers in stakeholder management.

Practical use of VLB

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