A leader is like a farmer, who doesn’t grow crops by pulling them but
instead creates the perfect environment for the crops to grow and thrive.

Peter Koning

Agile leadership toolkit: practical guide for agile leaders

More and more organizations are convinced of the usefulness of agile. It is up to the managers to facilitate this new way of working. However, that does require a completely new way of managing. For all agile leaders who are looking for practical tools and new methods, agile expert Peter Koning wrote the book Toolkit voor agile leiders. Soon to be released in English. The toolkit helps to create an inspiring environment for agile teams with the aim of increasing customer impact. The book was published in mid-November 2017 at Boom publishers Amsterdam.

Agile teams and their leaders

Agile teams are highly self-managing. They optimize the necessary processes themselves, increase their own effectiveness and efficiency and take all kinds of decisions on a daily basis. This requires a different leadership style from the manager than he is used to. He takes more distance from the daily routine in the workplace and is primarily responsible for creating an environment in which his team can continuously grow, learn and improve independently. The new skills and habits needed for this are all covered in the Toolkit for agile leaders. It is one of the first books in the Netherlands that deals with the practical implications of agile work.

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The 4 components of Agile leadership

Peter Koning gives the agile leader a steering wheel with four components. With this he can manage his teams in a new way. The agile leader gives the team inspiring goals, facilitates ownership, works on the learning ability and designs better habits that make the agile culture flourish, also in the long term. The overviews, reports, meetings and metrics that help with this are deepened in the book per component. The reader also discovers what is the right form of self-organization for his team.

Each component consists of two practical tools and a concrete skill of the agile leader, providing a total of eight tools and four skills. The skills are translated into practice at the end of each part. The tools are explained in such a way that leaders can immediately start working on it. They can be used in combination or separately and are effective in both cases.

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