Freedom Matrix

What is a Freedom Matrix?

This tool is partly based on the Delegation Board of Jurgen Appelo. In the Freedom matrix or Freedom matrix the link is made between the team’s maturity and the freedom the team receives on specific topics. This makes this fourth tool of the toolkit clear which freedoms the team gets when. As a result, expectations about freedom become explicit. The Freedom Matrix looks like this:

For different topics the freedom for low mature and high mature teams are made explicit. This is done by defining two different things:

  1. The level of freedom is split in steps or stages. From freedom 0 (manager decides) to level 5 (team decides without informing others)
  2. For specific topics defining the level of freedom dependent on the maturity of the teams.

This isn’t made clear by just emailing the teams their freedom, but by talking, brainstorming and sharing ideas. Together with the team and the manager.