Agile Leadership Selfie

How well do you create the perfect environment for your agile teams? Are they thriving? Are they proud, pro-active and do they take ownership? Do they learn fast? Answer the questions below and you’ll get direct feedback on how well you’re doing.
1.The teams know the goals.
2.I involve the group in setting ambitious goals.
3.The goals are measurable.
4.I ask open questions that encourage other to think.
5.I encourage initiative of group members.
6.I have regular meetings with my people to improve the ownership
7.I create a safe environment for the group to experiment.
8.I let the group learn from their mistakes.
9.I actually measure and improve the learning speed.
10.I lead by example.
11.I know who the informal leaders in the group are.
12.I clearly define what behaviour is unacceptable.

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