develop organizations with a smile


Modern organizations want to create an environment where people grow, shine and smile. This means that the employees of these organizations will become more pro-active, engaged and they will take Ownership. These employees want their customers to be enthusiastic about the products & services. Successful modern organizations have leaders that know how to create the right context and environment for self-managing teams. We believe that this is the future of work. Therefore our mission is to develop organizations with a smile.

Pro-active and engaged people


People and teams that take Ownership are different. They are pro-active, take initiative and are engaged. People expect their job to be engaging and want a place where they can be vulnerable and learn from others. These people that take ownership are crucial in volatile, fast-changing and high customer-demands markets. Because organizations can only be successful if their people take Ownership.

See our tips, tools & approach on how to get engaged and pro-active people.

Do you want your people to be (more) pro-active? Do you want to know how much Ownership your teams take? To you want to measure and improve the engagement of your staff?

Agile leaders

Agile leadership

New leaders are different. New leaders are like farmers, who don’t grow crops by pulling them but
instead create the perfect environment for the crops to grow and thrive.

Modern employees don’t need to be told what to do in detail, they need the right environment and context to do their job. They need a new type of leader: an agile leader.

Develop leaders
What am I doing that’s keeping my musicians’ eyes from shining?

Autonomous teams

Agile teams

Agile teams are autonomous within the right structure. They are close to their customers and by focusing on the outcome – and not just on doing their job – they become agile by nature.

These teams need the right culture, structure and environment. Next they need to develop trust, psychological safety and market knowledge. 

Do you want to know how agile your teams are or how to get (improved) agile teams?