Get started

How can you best get started with these tools? Where to start? This is of course different for each situation and depends on the context. Actually, it does not matter where you start. But the following is a practical list.

1. Ownership workshop

Start with an Ownership workshop. During this workshop you brainstorm with a team or with different people from different teams where they stand in the Ownership model.

  • Time needed: 1 hour.
  • Preparation: draw the Ownership model on a flip chart. The two axes of Freedom & Maturity.
  • Explain the two red zones.
  • Then let all people put a dot for themselves in the owner-model and a large circle / elips where they think the whole team is standing.
  • Discuss the results.
  • Distill a concrete improvement point.

2. Ownership model

Work on your own Ownership model for the organization. For this it is important that the underlying ambition is told by the agile leader. Why does he / she want to increase ownership in the teams? It is advisable to use an experienced consultant who has previously created an Ownership model.

3. KVI

What should the teams achieve? What is their winning of the match? To take the next step in agility, the teams have to work smarter and not harder. Brainstorming about this with Product Owners and executives.

4. Inhouse training

Have one of our leadership consultants give an in-house Agile management training. For more information:

5. TO-GRIP for Ownership

Create a TO-GRIP around the ownership model. Allow several people from different teams to meet every week to increase ownership.

6. T2L

Bring the current T2L into view. It is useful to have this facilitated by an experienced consultant. The whole T2L process often goes through several departments. From marketing, sales to development and support.

7. Celebrate

Celebrate in an energetic and varied way that we make progress. Exchange this with external locations, guest speakers and other surprising activities.