Books for the holiday

The holiday is coming. Period of relax, have fun with family and friends, retrospect and learn. I often got asked ‘what are other good books to read?’. Below you’ll find a list of the top books I advice.

Radical Candor – Kim Scott

As an Agile Leader you role is to support, trust and mentor your people and teams. But how do you find the balance between being friendly, give compliments and radiate trust and other the other hand challenge, work on almost-impossible-goals-that-inspire-out-of-the-box-thinking? This book from Kim Scott is very inspiring. Sometimes you read a book that just blows your mind. Ill probably never forget the core model in this book: combining ‘care personally’ with ‘challenge directly’. Her personal stories as a manager at Google and Apple really help in understanding the model. The first part of the book is very good, the second part is optional. I scanned the chapters and read a few pages.

The Advantage – Patrick Lencioni

The famous consultant and author Patrick Lencioni has written another book that’s again really inspiring. Next to his most-famous book ‘Five dysfunctions of teams’ and ‘Getting naked’ this book is really written for leadership teams. After 20 years of consulting, advising and mentoring leadership teams, Patrick found 1 distinct characteristics for successful organizations. One advantage that sets them apart. This advantage is ‘Organizational Health’. I translate that to: alignment on the purpose and goals throughout the whole organization. His advice to all organizations is:

  1. Build a true leadership team – translating the 5 dysfunctions to C-level leadership teams.
  2. Create Clarity on goals & purposes – from defining these goals until re-communicating it clearly throughout the organization

Although the topic itself isn’t that unique or renewing, the way Patrick makes it tangible, practical and concrete is totally worth reading it.

Creativity Inc – Ed Catmull

Pixar is known for its awesome movies like Toy Story and Nemo. This book tells the story behind the scenes. How do you create an environment where your core product is creativity?! It got some powerful ingredients, like ‘candor meetings’ and ’round table meetings’. What I truly like about this book is the vulnerability and struggle Ed had to create his company.


Age of agile – Steve Denning

Steve is a guru on how to organize modern organizations. This book is especially for people that are still doubting the power and promise of agile. It explains why agile is there to stay and how to use it. I only scanned the book and it looks very good.


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