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Ownership-model examples

Over the past years I’ve developed several Ownership-models at various companies. I often got asked ‘What is a good Ownership-model for us?’. This is hard to say because every situation requires a different Ownership-model. All depending on the existing culture, the urgency to grow, the competitors and the speed-of-change in […]

Community | next steps

We want to build a community together. We vision a group of agile leaders that meet, share and improve together. Do decide on our next step, we need your feedback. What do you think is a good next step to focus on? Please let us know! Thanks for your feedback!

It’s time to learn the missing metric

Over the past years I have been looking for a metric that could indicate the agility of an organization. After a study of the more common metrics used for products and management reports, I couldn’t really find a metric that indicates the level of agility. For example in the time-to-market […]